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Welcome to the Website of Ronda Chervin!

Welcome to the Website of Ronda Chervin!

Ronda Chervin has a Ph.D. in philosophy from Fordham University and an M.A. in Religious Studies from Notre Dame Apostolic Institute. She is a convert to the Catholic faith from a Jewish but atheistic background.

Dr. Ronda has been a professor at Loyola Marymount University, St. John’s Seminary of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Our Lady of Corpus Christi, and Holy Apostles in Connecticut. Dr. Ronda presents on EWTN and Catholic radio. She is a dedicated widow and grandmother.

More than sixty books of hers have been published by Catholic presses in the area of philosophy and spirituality. Her many books include Quotable SaintsHealing Meditations from the Gospel of St. JohnCatholic RealismVoyage to InsightWeeping with JesusHealing of Rejection and Escaping Anxiety.

A Study of the New Testament by Rev. John Paul Heil, S.S.D.

A Study of the New Testament by Rev. John Paul Heil, S.S.D.

New Testament Scripture

with Rev. John Paul Heil, SSD

John Paul Heil is a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Ordained in 1974, he studied at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, where he received his Doctorate in Sacred Scripture in 1979. After teaching at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis for 27 years, he joined the faculty of the School of Theology and Religious Studies at CUA in 2006.

His early career focused on the Gospels and the Letters of Paul, resulting in the publication of several articles and monographs. More recently his focus has been on the worship dimension of the New Testament. This has resulted in monographs on worship in the Letters of Paul, Hebrews, James, 1-2 Peter and Jude, and the Book of Revelation.

CUA Faculty PageThis is CUA

Galatians: Worship for Life by Faith in the Crucified and Risen Lord

This book presents two new proposals regarding Paul’s letter to the Galatians. First, it demonstrates an entirely new chiastic structure embracing the entire letter, based on strict linguistic and textual criteria rather than on conceptual or theological themes. This chiastic structure accords with the view that Galatians was originally performed orally in a setting of communal worship. Secondly, it offers a new proposal for a key theme that runs throughout Galatians, as expressed by the subtitle of this book—“Worship for Life by Faith in the Crucified and Risen Lord.” It considers “worship” to be a comprehensive concept that includes liturgical, cultic, or ritual worship as well as the moral behavior that is to complement it as ethical worship in accord with the biblical tradition. “Life” refers both to the present way of living as well as to future eternal life. “Faith” refers to the acceptance of divine grace available to the believer because of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Paperback: $17.60 | eBook $17.60
ISBN: 9781532656088

The Letters of Paul as Rituals of Worship

This book focuses on worship in the letters of Paul in an effort to shed some light upon this key theme and bring the various dimensions of its significance into the foreground of Pauline studies. Each of the thirteen New Testament letters attributed to Paul are treated exclusively from the aspect of worship, as understood in its most comprehensive sense in the biblical tradition, with the liturgical and the ethical facets of worship held in dynamic interrelationship. The result is a fresh way of reading and listening to the letters of Paul for a deeper appreciation of their original purpose and message.

Paperback: $24.00 | Hardback: $44.00 | eBook: $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-1498213141 (hardback)

ISBN-13: 978-1608998708 (paperback)

The Book of Revelation: Worship for Life in the Spirit of Prophecy

John Paul Heil presents an original analysis of the theme of worship in the book of Revelation guided by a new illustration of its comprehensive chiastic structure. The worship that Revelation exhorts and enables is in the divine Spirit of prophetic witness against all forms of idolatrous worship on earth in favor of a true, heavenly, and universal worship of the Lord God and the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb, for an eternal and heavenly life. The audience begins this worship in the eucharistic supper into which Revelation leads them by inviting them to respond to the promise of Jesus, “Yes, I am coming soon” with “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus” They thereby affirm and welcome the coming of the Lord Jesus, the exalted sacrificial Lamb, to the eucharistic supper that anticipates his final coming and the divine grace, the gift of eternal life, of the Lord Jesus that is intended to be the destiny of all -“The grace of the Lord Jesus with all”

Paperback: $41.00 | Hardback: $71.00 | eBook: $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-1625644442 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1498216999 (hardback)

The Gospel of John: Worship for Divine Life Eternal

The Gospel of John has been examined from many different perspectives, but a comprehensive treatment of the theme of worship in this Gospel has not yet appeared. John Paul Heil offers a contribution toward a remedy of this deficiency by analyzing the entire Gospel of John from the perspective of its various dimensions of worship. The aim is to illustrate that three different but complementary dimensions of worship-confessional, sacramental, and ethical-dominate this Gospel. Indeed, these different types of worship represent the ways one expresses and demonstrates the faith that includes having divine life eternal, which is the stated purpose for writing the signs Jesus did in this Gospel- “that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that, believing, you may have life in his name” (John 20:31).
Paperback: $23.00 | Hardback: $43.00 | eBook $9.99
ISBN-13: 978-1498231169 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1498231183 (hardback)

The Gospel of Matthew: Worship in the Kingdom of Heaven

The Gospel of Matthew encourages and inspires its audience to practice the true, authentic, and holistic worship required for believers in Jesus to live in the kingdom of heaven. In accordance with all that Jesus taught and exemplified regarding authentic worship, believers are invited to complement their worship of God by worshiping and praying to Jesus as God’s beloved Son, who represents “God with us.” They are also invited to complement their ritualistic worship, especially the baptism and Eucharist instituted for them by Jesus, with an ethical worship that extends to others, especially to disciples, children, and “the least ones” with whom Jesus identifies himself, the mercy God desires for a holistic worship. Indeed, a compassionate mercy toward all is the distinctive and noteworthy hallmark that characterizes the theme of worship in the kingdom of heaven, according to the Gospel of Matthew.

Paperback: $25.00 | Hardback: $45.00 | eBook: $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-1532600838 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1532600852 (Hardback)

Luke-Acts: Foundations for Christian Worship

This book demonstrates that Luke-Acts provides its audience with a basic foundation for all of the various dimensions of Christian worship. With the arrival of Jesus, and especially his being raised from the dead by God, the preeminent locations, leadership, and times for worship move beyond the Jerusalem temple, Jewish synagogues, Sabbath, and the Jewish feasts of Passover and Pentecost to worship in and by the Christian community.   As Son of God and Lord, Jesus becomes an object of true worship along with God the Father. Jesus serves as a subject for laudatory worship. Jesus teaches about prayer, engages in it, and serves as an object for supplicatory worship. Jesus not only took part in the ritual worship of being baptized by John, but as the risen and exalted Lord baptizes believers with the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of baptism. In addition, the many meal scenes throughout Luke-Acts provide numerous insights foundational for proper celebrations of the Eucharist.

Paperback: $24.00 | Hardback: $41.00 | eBook: $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-1532635809 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1532635823 (hardback)

1-3 John: Worship by Loving God and One Another to Live Eternally

This book treats the three letters of John as a unified epistolary package. It proposes two new contributions to the study of 1-3 John. First, it presents new comprehensive chiastic structures for each of the three letters of John based on concrete linguistic evidence in the text. These chiastic structures serve as the guide for an audience-oriented exegesis of these letters. Secondly, it treats these letters from the point of view of their worship context and themes. Not only were 1-3 John intended to be performed orally as part of liturgical worship, but together these three letters exhort their audience to a distinctive ethical worship. In accord with the subtitle of this book, the three letters of John are concerned with giving their audience an experience of living eternally by the worship that consists of loving God and one another.
Paperback: $26.00 | eBook $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-1498201605 (paperback)

1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude: Worship Matters

This book proposes new and comprehensive chiastic structures as well as new unifying themes for the often-neglected New Testament letters of 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude. In accord with these structures, which organize the oral performance of these letters in a context of communal worship, the subtitle of the book, “Worship Matters” expresses the letters’ main concern. By “worship” is meant not only liturgical worship but also the ethical behavior that complements it for a holistic way of worshiping God. “Matters” refers not only to the “matters” or issues regarding worship in these letters but also to the fact that worship “matters” in the sense of making an all-important difference to Christian living, not only for the original audiences of letters, but equally for their contemporary audience. Accordingly, this book proposes that: 1 Peter exhorts its audience to worship for life, both present and eternal, through the sufferings of Jesus Christ; 2 Peter exhorts its audience to worship in the knowledge regarding the final coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and Jude exhorts its audience to worship in the mercy and love of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Paperback: $43.00 | Hardback: $71.00 | eBook: $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-1620324370 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1498215770 (Hardback)

The Letter of James: Worship to Live By

This book proposes a new and comprehensive chiastic structure as well as a new unifying theme for the Letter of James. In accord with this structure that organizes its oral performance, the words “worship to live by” express what the letter as a whole is exhorting its audience to adopt. “Worship” includes not only liturgical worship but also the ethical behavior that complements it, so that the result is a holistic way of worshiping God. And the words “to live by” embrace the worshipful conduct by which to live out presently one’s birth to a new life as a believer before the final coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, with a view to the future eternal life to be granted at the last judgment as the outcome of such worship. In short, the Letter of James urges its audience to practice the worship to live by now in order to live eternally.

Paperback: $26.00 | Hardback: $46.00 | eBook: $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-1610976015 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1498214346 (hardback)

Worship in the Letter to the Hebrews

This book seeks a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation for the Letter to the Hebrews by examining it from the viewpoint of its prominent theme of worship. It aims to demonstrate the topic of worship in all of its rich and varied dimensions provides the major concern and thrust that embraces Hebrews from start to finish. The author of Hebrews encourages his audience to hold on to the letter he has written to them as “the word of the encouragement” (Heb 13:22). In a very carefully concerted and masterfully artistic way, the letter persistently encourages the members of its audience with regard to their worship. Indeed, Hebrews was intended to be presented orally in a public performance as a liturgical or homiletic letter, an act of worship in itself, heard by its audience gathered together as a worshiping assembly. Hebrews exhorts the members of its audience not only with regard to their liturgical worship in which they engage during their communal gatherings, but also with regard to their ethical or moral worship in which they engage by the way they conduct themselves outside of their communal gatherings. This close examination of Hebrews through the lens of worship is intended to inform and enrich the worship of Christians today. Hebrews presents important and unique points about worship not found in any other New Testament writing. The goal is to illustrate and illuminate these points for the benefit of those who desire to deepen their worship as Christians by deepening their understanding of the magnificent literary masterpiece that the poetically lively letter to the Hebrews articulates for all Christians.

Paperback: $36.00 | Hardback: $61.00 | eBook: $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-1608999477 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1608999477 (Hardback)

Where Are You? Finding Myself in My Greatest Loss, authored by M. J. Flood

Where Are You? Finding Myself in My Greatest Loss, authored by M. J. Flood


Where Are You? Finding Myself in My Greatest Loss

by M. J. Flood

Where Are You? Finding Myself in My Greatest Loss is the first published work by M.J. Flood. Recalling the author’s experience as the father of a stillborn daughter, this memoir articulates the private heartbreak and depression so frequently associated with disenfranchised griefs like pregnancy loss.  But Where Are You? is ultimately a work of hope, as M.J. Flood walks the reader through the chaos of death in search of the peace of healing.
Paperback (not yet priced) | Kindle $9.99


“Author M.J. Flood has written an interesting, poignant, and enthralling story. I found I kept wanting to know more with questions and scenarios engendered by his descriptive and moving narratives. He examines and shares how many persons impacted his life with their concerns. Through his own reflections and analysis of them, Mr. Flood takes us to our own heart-mind, along with how [he] and his wife give of their time to others to help them with their loss-of-life situation. This author’s writing is profoundly endearing and a tender ‘must read’ for a myriad of reasons including understanding of the human condition with its strengths and frailties. The mindfulness of the author’s story is one that will remain with me forever.” — Reverend Dr. Marjorie S. Schiering, Professor, Molloy College

“M.J. Flood’s journey to acceptance and self-discovery following the still-born birth of his daughter Sophia is neither direct nor complete, as he himself states. But it is life-affirming. His path takes him and us through anger, shock, loneliness, searing pain, and darkness, but ultimately to a gift he traces to Sophia— love, an openness to others’ pain, a movement outside of himself to give to others also struggling.” — Robert Kinpoitner, Ph.D., English Dept. Chair, Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY

Where Are You? Finding Myself in My Greatest Loss by M.J. Flood is an honest and heartfelt account of a man’s journey through the grieving process after a heartbreaking loss.  It describes the gamut of emotions and the depth of loneliness one may experience and the need to get out of one’s own way in order to heal. I would recommend the memoir to anyone suffering loss.” — Virginia C. Honerkamp, RN MSN, Certified Hospice and Palliative Care

“M.J. Flood’s memoir Where Are You? is a ‘must read’ for all involved in bereavement ministry. For several reasons: First, it is a brutally honest examination of emotions, written in a heart-wrenching, soul-searching style. Second, it treats of a grief that is usually avoided, the loss of a still-born baby. Nobody wants to address this grief, but it is very real as Mr. Flood so poignantly shares with us. Third, it is written from the male perspective, which is rare in the bereavement field. Men seldom admit to their emotions, let alone share them! Thank you, Mr. Flood, for being the brave one who is willing to do so. Of special note is Mr. Flood’s use of the term ‘Loss Stew’: emotions and feelings that are swirling around in grief. I don’t know whether Mr. Flood ‘coined’ this term; in any event it should become part of the vocabulary of bereavement ministry. It was especially encouraging to hear of the healing that began for Mr. Flood and his wife Tara in their Bereavement Group. ‘Like-to-like’ sharing is essential, particularly with the loss of a baby. Thank you, M.J. Flood, for sowing the seeds of your ongoing journey towards healing. I am certain that God will use those seeds to bring healing to many others.” — Deacon Robert Campbell, OFS, St. Raymond’s Bereavement Ministry, East Rockaway, NY

“A first person account of this kind is so important because infant loss is such a devastating thing that it’s only been in recent years that people have begun to speak about it. I believe so many people are still grieving silently because we haven’t made their trauma and healing part of our ‘normal’ conversation—something I think we’re getting better at but haven’t fully opened up the communication. A book like this could do just that.” — Elizabeth O’Grady, LCSW, San Francisco, CA

“Beautifully written, poignant, heartfelt, and ultimately spiritually uplifting, M.J. Flood’s Where Are You? is an emotionally charged story about loss and the power of finding—and keeping—our faith through the darkest of nights.” — Gary Jansen, author of the national bestseller Station to Station.

“A wonderful book to help parents and family dealing with stillbirth! A resource for bereavement ministry!” — Ronda Chervin, Ph.D., author of Weeping with Jesus: From Grief to Hope and numerous other books of Catholic spirituality.

“M.J. Flood’s Where Are You? immediately transported me into a world where I was gently prodded to experience the grief, anger, guilt and confusion associated with loss. While we are programmed to accept the loss of a grandparent or parent, the death of a child or a youthful sibling leaves us, and those around us, at a loss. How do we justify this? How do we maintain our faith in g-d, ourselves, and the natural order of things. Time and our place in the world fall into question as we struggle to right ourselves. Mr. Flood’s book addresses these issues through a very personal and intimate lens. As such, it is a gift to its readers. As a psychotherapist who often deals with bereavement and grief I am happy to say that this book taught me much that I can, and will, integrate into my practice. When it is published, I hope to add this to my library and recommend it to my clients. I am proud to endorse this book for publication.” — Robert Margolis, LCSW,, Psychotherapy and Family Counseling Services

“A very thoughtful, compassionate, and accurate portrayal of the journey through grief and bereavement. Highly recommended reading for those looking to come out and rebound from loss.” — Christopher L. Hayes, Ph.D., Professor of Gerontology, Long Island University

“M.J. Flood’s book Where Are You? Finding Myself in My Greatest Loss is a compelling read. Mr. Flood shares with the reader a journey exploring grief and bereavement through a stream of consciousness style of recollection and discovery that most readers will find very real and honest. The loss of a child is sad and almost unbearable, but Mr. Flood’s emotional story gives hope and courage to those that experience this most crippling loss.” Peter V. Dugan Nassau County Poet Laureate (2017-2019)

“M.J. Flood explores his personal experience with a disenfranchised form of grief: loss of stillborn infant. A very compelling and moving account of healing from such a devastating loss.” — Luciano Sabatini, Ph.D., Bereavement Coordinator St. Bernard Parish, author of Bereavement Counseling in the School Setting.

Where Are You? is a powerful and emotional journey. I felt like I was listening in on Mr. Flood’s thoughts as he tries and succeeds to make sense of the loss of his daughter and other losses in his life, and ultimately finds himself.” — Ivy Diamond, LCSW, Perinatal Bereavement Social Worker

“As a member of a parish bereavement ministry, I am thankful for the opportunity to have read this memoir. This book is a voice especially to those who have experienced the loss of a stillbirth. We rarely have an opportunity to hear the feelings and emotions from the father’s perspective. I think he said it so eloquently when he recounted the sympathies given to his wife and people overlooking his share in the grief. I think he is brave and I hope his book is helping him through his grief. My prayer is that he knows how many people he is helping (especially other Dads). Mr. Flood’s story is impactful. I am thankful he had the courage to write it.” — Karen Gonyon BS, RN, CHPN

Where Are You? will shine in our support group library! Placed in the hands of newly bereaved parents, especially fathers — this heart-rending memoir will bring solace and healing hope. Mr. Flood’s genuine expression voices the uncharted map that is grief. He reveals the raw wound that he and Tara suffered in the death of baby Sophia and shares the journey as they slowly rebuild from utter darkness toward healing scars that forever shape their family’s life. He risks being vulnerable and misunderstood while validating the reality of loss in life, enveloped in faith and ultimately the grace of healing.” — Martha Weiss Guardian Angel Perinatal Support Group St. Kilian Parish Farmingdale, NY

“Flood’s narrative strikes a balance between an intensely personal confession that brings the reader along through his hardships and a perspective able to synthesize and analyze each event in the larger context. In this way, Where Are You? elevates individual experiences to universal understandings.” — Kenneth R. Frank, filmmaker, The Mix and Family Obligations

“M.J. Flood offers us the gift of opening himself up, revealing his vulnerabilities as he embraces losing born still Sophia, while finding himself in the process. He shares how Sophia has become an inspiration and offers the reader/griever insight as to how to lead a productive life in the aftermath of such tragedy. Over the years, as he discovers where he is, Flood learns to love himself by accepting his pain and thoughts as real; and by helping us understand that “our losses are each others’ comfort.” Where Are You? is a double, triple and even larger entendre during this tender and humble process. His writing is poignant, humble, loving and honest.” — Nancy Berlow, LCSW,

“Author M.J. Flood transports his readers on a true spiritual journey. It is not often that an author can reach inside the reader and touch the heart and soul as Flood does. You’ll cherish this book!” — Alexander J. Basile, author, educator and musician

“A young father’s pain and hope echoes through the pages of his story, Where Are You? Finding Myself in My Greatest Loss. What a gift for grieving dads to hear first-hand from another grieving father, how he deals with the stillbirth of his first-born child. In ‘men’s terms,’ M.J. Flood describes the new world that surrounds him, the heartache endured, the haunting, unanswered questions, the everyday struggles, the endless choices to be made, and the eye-opening lessons learned, especially in a world that always inquires how the mother is doing, but rarely asks about the dad. Flood’s vibrant, inviting writing style (which I like to call ‘man talk’) grabs your attention right away, even brings some welcome smiles, as you ‘walk the walk’ with him, hear his message, and begin to understand how other losses in his life (brother and grandmother) have affected this one which he reverently calls, ‘My Greatest Loss.’ Sharing this book with heartbroken moms and other family members, too, offers a valuable bonus, opening the door for them to respect different ways of grieving, coping and surviving.” — Elaine E. Stillwell, M.A, M.S., Chapter Leader, The Compassionate Friends of Rockville Centre, NY,Former Bereavement Coordinator, Diocese of Rockville Centre, Author, The Death of a Child: Reflections for Grieving Parents, Contributing Editor, Grief Digest

“[Flood] is very open, and as a result the work is very moving. He’s definitely a fresh voice.” — Tim Houlihan, Ph.D., Interim President St. Francis College, Brooklyn, New York

“[Flood] writes very movingly about the death of Sophia.” — Tom Hauser (author & publisher)

“I wish this book was available 36 years ago. Last October marked 36 years since I miscarried my first child. I don’t think we ever grieved; it just wasn’t acceptable. Flood’s book gives permission to be a parent to the child in the womb who is called to be an angel.” — Marija Wierzbicki (former Clergy Personnel Director for Diocese of Brooklyn, New York)

“A roller coaster ride of emotion – to the highs of expecting, to the lowest of lows of loss. Care, affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, sadness, devastation, despair, healing or dealing, and obviously an ever-present sense of love – all of it there in words, actions and reflection. The, at-times, jarring story-telling creates this cacophony of words and phrases that invites and perhaps forces the reader to feel his raw, real emotion – there is no doubt that I felt anger, anxiety and agitation. Conversely, through the disorientation of the emotional experience, there was a great presence of family, love and that one is never alone no matter what it feels like, what it looks like BUT you need to be willing to see it, feel it and welcome it. This work captures a journey that many unfortunately have taken before – but it also walks the reader through a process where a broken-heart through faith, family and love can ultimately lead to hoping, healing and helping others. Through that Sophia’s presence and love is forever present, forever shared.” —Thomas F. Flood, Vice President for Advancement, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, New York

“This is a truly touching story (or collection of stories) of love, loss, grief and healing told in an engaging and relatable voice. As a reader I can relate to the language, colorful at times, but always thoughtful and in some cases perfectly phrased. As examples: ‘Thinking is the petri dish for every guilt created, every shame felt, every slight (imagined or real) delivered. And from that same dish comes every spontaneously generated saving grace. Every hope realized. Oh, it’s a mess at times, for sure’ and ‘In the end, that’s what bereavement groups do. What people like Ivy Diamond do. They widen the lens through which we can consider our loss. Some people give a narrow lens. Drugs and alcohol can be a lens. Some people think they’re giving you the lens: the only way to see. Ivy didn’t give me the lens, but a lens. Perhaps a lens that simply helped me to know that there are lenses at all with which we can view tragedy in a better way.’ I think this is a wonderful gift to provide to those who are grieving in any context really, but would also make a welcome addition to any therapeutic environment. I would surely recommend to clients I have who might be struggling with loss.” — Jennifer Lancaster, Ph.D. (Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Dean, licensed clinical psychologist)

“What a beautiful tribute. What an inspiration for anyone grieving. The author’s reflections and thoughts and feelings were truly profound. The work can be such a help not only to grieving parents but to many who have suffered loss.” — Rita Chojnacki RNCHPN, Certified grief counselor

“This is a deeply emotional and personal account of the loss of a child. A story that gives the reader an understanding of the ongoing, emotional toll of grief. It is a valuable resource for the bereaved or for those healing from loss. I found this sentence in [the] speech for Martha Weiss’s GAPS at St. Kilian’s in Farmingdale extremely comforting: ‘But the life I live doesn’t have to be governed by loss.’” — Maria Mullaly, Executive Assistant to the Dean, The Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing, Molloy College, Rockville Centre, New York

“At times, a painful read for one personally acquainted with this caliber of loss and grief. But reading this book was like having a profound discussion with a friend that you remember for the rest of your life. Mr. Flood’s sharing and insights were thought provoking, causing me to revisit the dark corners of loss and grief that my husband and I put far away. Sure, certain days of the year you remember how old a child (now adult) would have been but never dwell too long lest you really start counting up the lost milestones and unlived years of life. I applaud Mr. Flood and his wife for honoring their first daughter and keeping her present in their family’s and friend’s lives. God bless him.” — Tanya Kasprzyk, Parish Outreach Coordinator Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart

“A beautiful and powerful story of a father’s love for his born still daughter and how she helped him to find his way through loss, depression and healing. A story of unconditional love and the true meaning of life.” — Diane Wilshere, “Helping Parents Heal


M.J. Flood is a husband and a father of two little girls and a baby angel. Residing in Long Island, New York, he is a high school literature and writing teacher and the author of Where Are You? Finding Myself in My Greatest Loss, his first published work.

Flood is also the writer/director of Too Much Noise — a short film in American Sign Language — which has appeared in several film festivals and won the Best Original Idea award at New York City’s 2018 Chain Film Festival.

M. J. Flood, “A Father’s Voyage To The Moon – Without His Baby Girl,” Still Standing Magazine (March 11, 2019)


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Today Someone I Love Passed Away

Today Someone I Love Passed Away by Dianne Ahern Danny becomes enraged when he learns he has to give up his room so Grandpa Vernon can come live with his family. However, as time passes, Danny and his siblings develop a deep love for their grandfather who...

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Today We Became Engaged

Today We Became Engaged by Dianne Ahern A thoughtful, romantic, faith-centered, keepsake book for couples discerning marriage. Discusses the power of love, the importance of shared values and more. This is a marriage planner…not a wedding planner! Allows...

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Memorize the Mass!

Memorize the Mass! by Dr. Kevin Vost A downed U.S. fighter pilot survived nearly eight years in a brutal North Vietnamese POW camp by repeating the Mass to himself each day, in Latin and in English. A Maryknoll bishop survived nearly a dozen years confined...

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Healing from Heaven

Healing from Heaven by Dr. Suzanne R. Jamail This is my private journal, written during a difficult period of my life. The economy was poor, business was slow. The recession ravaged my private practice as a clinical psychologist. Thrown overboard into a...

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Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet

Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet by Shane Kapler Discover the rewards of uniting two of the Catholic Church’s most beloved devotions. In this new book, Shane Kapler provides 20 reflections - paired with 40 classic works of art -...

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Taming the Lion Within: 5 Steps from Anger to Peace

Taming the Lion Within: 5 Steps from Anger to Peace by Dr. Ronda Chervin Five steps to help people overcome uncontrolled or over-reactive anger. Steps include admitting being angry person: identifying the anger: physical, psychological and spiritual...

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Tony’s 50,000 Co-Incidence Miracles

Increase the print size by pinching out on your mobile device or pressing CTRL and the + sign. Blessings! Tony’s 50,000 Co-Incidence Miracles by Anthony F.J. Coscia GOD DEFINITELY WROTE THIS BOOK -- (just like all the other books which God wrote in history...

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Waiting with Purpose

Waiting with Purpose by Jeannie Ewing All of life involves waiting. We wait at stoplights. We are caught in traffic jams. We agonize over medical test results. We hang on to a much-anticipated getaway. Sometimes, we wait to finish a project, welcome a new...

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Canticle of Returning

Canticle of Returning by William J. Brown A celebrated tax law professor leaves the classroom to embark on a journey to a place that is both familiar and somehow new to him. In this book—part memoir, part devotional—he shares his transformation from a...

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Cry Oneness

Cry Oneness by Joe Avalos I was spiritually dead, despite all the things I was doing with my life. I don’t think there’s a worse death that can happen to any human being. Now I have a Life beyond my dreams. Full of Miracles, Poetry, and Locutions. This...

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Escaping Anxiety Along the Road to Spiritual Joy

Escaping Anxiety Along the Road to Spiritual Joy by Albert E. Hughes and Ronda Chervin Escaping Anxiety along the Road to Spiritual Joy is not a “simple” book of advice, which could turn out to be ineffective because too “pat.” Instead it evolved into...

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Trinity Footprints

COMING SOON! Trinity Footprints by Roger Skrenes This book asserts there are evidences of the tri-une nature of God in both people and in the world. However, such instances of God’s presence are not generally known by Christians or by others...

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Weeping with Jesus: The Journey from Grief to Hope

Weeping with Jesus: The Journey from Grief to Hope by Dr. Ronda Chervin In the past the word grief was used only to describe the sorrow of loss through death. Nowadays pain coming from other kinds of losses such as rejection and divorce are also seen to...

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Bereavement Miracles

Bereavement Miracles by Michael Frey The Bereavement Miracles program was designed to play a quintessential role in evangelizing the “spirit of  mission” to individuals who are suffering from the death of a loved one by relating eternal realities in a...

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In Praise of Life

In Praise of Life by Dr. Donald DeMarco This book illustrates how ten different factors can improve our appreciation of life: Evolution prepares it, Meaning justifies it, Love enhances it, Truth directs it, Freedom crowns it, Virtue strengthens it,...

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How to Flourish in a Fallen World

How to Flourish in a Fallen World by Dr. Donald DeMarco How to Flourish in a Fallen World, by Donald DeMarco, engages the reader in an understanding of our common human nature and the problems it faces in a culture that actively pursues, to put it in Saint...

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The Jesus Code: In the Beginning was the Word

The Jesus Code: In the Beginning was the Word by Roger Skrenes Jesus is the only person in the history of the world whose biography was known before he was born! He wanted everyone on earth to know of this miraculous Old Testament portrait of himself (Luke...

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The Path of Spiritual Happiness

The Path of Spiritual Happiness by Dr. Heather M. Erb This book is a story of the unfolding triumph of Christian happiness as a philosophy of life. We begin with ancient Greek roots and principles provided us by Aristotle, ‘the master of those who know.’...

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The Way of Love: The Path of Inner Transformation

The Way of Love: The Path of Inner Transformation by Dr. Ronda Chervin A reprint of Dr. Ronda's The Way of Love: The Battle for Inner Transformation, this new edition under a new subtitle puts back in front of the world the nature of human love alongside...

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Spirituality Running to God

Spirituality Running to God

Spirituality Running to God

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The 10th Annual Divi Marathon

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26.2 miles


13.1 miles


3.1 miles

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Highlights from Past Races and Events

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Resources for Racers


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Training Plans

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Alicia Milano, Divi Full Marathon – 1st Place


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