Contemporary Sacred: Conversations on Art & Faith by Dr. Michela Ferri

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What is the so-called “Contemporary Sacred Art”? In her book, Michela Beatrice Ferri inquires about the themes of what we can call “Sacred Art” and “Religious Art” nowadays in our churches, in our Sacred Spaces, in the pictures we see, and in the sculptures we admire.

The author collected eighteen dialogues, a third with the most important Italian Scholars in the field of the Sacred Art, and the remainder with the most important Italian artists working with the Catholic Church and working on the theme of the Religious, of the Sacred.

In this book, the author leads the discussion with the theoretical basis of the field that we can call “the aesthetics of Sacred Art,” bringing together the messages of Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II to the artists with the Thomistic Perspective and the phenomenological point of view to create a starting point for a pioneer study on Contemporary Art in our Churches, in our Sacred Places, and in every visual representation we have with us.

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About the Author:

ferriMichela Beatrice Ferri, Ph.D. in Philosophy, was born in and remains living in Italy. She is a Roman Catholic professor and writer, who teaches aesthetics and pedagogy at Holy Apostles College Seminary in Cromwell, CT. Her BA thesis in Philosophy, defended in 2005 at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, is dedicated to Edmund Burke and to the birth of the Modern Sublime (“Burke and the Modern Genesis of the Sublime”). Her MA thesis in Philosophy, defended in 2007 at the Università degli Studi di Milano, is dedicated to the concepts of “time” and of “art” in the first reception of Phenomenology in Italy (“Time and Art in the Early Italian Phenomenology”).

In February 2012, Dr. Ferri received her Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D.) at the Università degli Studi di Milano, with a dissertation dedicated to the reception of phenomenology in the United States of America. Her Ph.D. dissertation is the first work that ever appeared in Italy, in Europe, and in North America focused on the history and on the analysis of the reception of Husserlian Phenomenology in the North America. She is the Editor of a volume titled: “The Reception of Phenomenology in North America” – projected on the basis of her dissertation – that will be published by Springer Nature in 2018.

Dr. Ferri is recognized as one of the leading experts in the field of Sacred Art, and she is the Author of a volume dedicated to the dialogue between Catholic Faith and Art, devoted to an inquiry concerning Contemporary Sacred Art entitled “Sacro Contemporaneo. Dialoghi sull’arte”, published in 2016 by the Roman Catholic publishing house Áncora Editrice based in Milan, Italy.

In this book, Dr. Ferri presents dialogues that she has had with the major Roman Catholic art historians and with the most important Contemporary Artists operating in Italy. This book will be published in English by “En Route Books and Media in the winter of 2017-2018 as Contemporary Sacred Art. Italian Conversations on Art and Catholic Faith thanks to translation work being done by Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson.

Dr. Ferri is also journalist. She has participated in a documentary project dedicated to the history of the Sacred Art in Italy that will be launched in Vatican City on Friday the 10th of November 2017 (DVD collection) and then spread throughout Italy. She works for several Roman Catholic journals, writing about Philosophy, Theology, History, Aesthetics, Sacred Art, History of Art and History of Architecture, Church, Jewish Studies. Since 2009, she has been married to Luca Stucchi, Catholic, Engineer and MS in Computer Science.