Escaping Anxiety Along the Road to Spiritual Joy by Albert E. Hughes and Ronda Chervin

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Escaping Anxiety along the Road to Spiritual Joy is not a “simple” book of advice, which could turn out to be ineffective because too “pat.” Instead it evolved into something that could actually be a new genre! How so? Well, have you ever seen a book of spiritual advice where confidentiality was not an issue because the directee is a co-author and, what is more, one whose personal journals throughout the years have been published! Our book takes the form of a chronicle of the process employed by a well-trained spiritual director helping a Catholic leader struggle to open herself to the graces that brought her from excessive anxiety along the road to spiritual joy. Our goals are to help readers suffering from excessive anxiety and to provide insights for any mentors of such people such as priests, religious, and lay pastoral ministers.


“Your book is very refreshing.  It is filled with honesty and the deep metaphors that touch life at its core.” – Robert Sizemore, Sociology Professor, Therapist, Spiritual Director and Author of The Franciscan Desert Pack

“I found Escaping Anxiety Along the Road to Spiritual Joy constructive and enriching.  Both Al, as spiritual director, and Ronda, as directee, exhibit great honesty, humility, and openness to the reader.  I actually applied some of the personal reflections at chapters’ end to my own life.  This dynamic is potentially helpful for both counseling and spiritual direction.” – Marti Armstrong M.S., Counselor, Dedicated Widow, Happy Mother and Grandmother

“Who among us suffers no ills, no shortcomings, no inadequacies, no deficiencies? Traumas, shocks, ordeals, trials and tribulations—they all take a toll, leaving behind deep-seated but often hidden wounds. If left unattended, they manifest in various ways such as anger or anxiety. The question is not whether there is need for recovery, but when or if we will pursue it. In this book, Dr. Ronda Chervin and her Spiritual Director Albert Hughes walk their readers through the healing process in real time. It takes effort, commitment, resolve, and patience. But, there is reward for those who persevere. In addition, definitions and philosophical reflections are interspersed along the way, offering many insights as well as the hope of realizing spiritual joy as the title promises.” – Dr. Jeffrey L. Romine, author of Knowledge Unto Relationship: A Biblical Destiny

About the Authors:

Albert E. Hughes (Pastoral Counselor and Spiritual Director) and Ronda Chervin, Ph.D. (Professor Emerita of Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Catholic Writer, and Media Presenter)