How to Flourish in a Fallen World by Dr. Donald DeMarco

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How to Flourish in a Fallen World, by Donald DeMarco, engages the reader in an understanding of our common human nature and the problems it faces in a culture that actively pursues, to put it in Saint John Paul II’s terms, a freedom of indifference over a freedom for excellence. Dr. DeMarco’s conclusion is a simple one: “We can flourish in a fallen world by taking advantage of the many gifts that are available to us while living within the truth of our being.” In a world of complex problems, it is refreshing to know that such a simple solution is available to us – we merely have to live the truth in love, and we’ll find that we restore by so doing mankind to his proper state.

About the Author

Donald DeMarco, author of 28 books, including most recently How to Flourish in a Fallen World and Ten Major Moral Mistakes and How they are Destroying Society, is a Senior Fellow of Human Life International. He is professor emeritus at St. Jerome’s University in Waterloo, Ontario, and an adjunct professor at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. He is a regular columnist for St. Austin Review and has written over a hundred articles for the website Truth and Charity. He is a board member of the NY Social Justice Review for Our Lady of Wisdom College in Ontario, Canada, and Corresponding Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life. In June, 2015, he was awarded the prestigious Bishop Exner Award for “Catholic Excellence in Public Life.”


Don DeMarco in his How to Flourish in a Fallen World provides direction in how to navigate through what Benedict XVI once called our “painful between state.”  As human beings we aspire to and are born for a more perfect world that only can be fulfilled in the life to come.  These heavenly aspirations inspire us, after the example of the saints, to pattern our earthly existence after heavenly realities while being aware of our proclivity to sin and that this world is passing.  This book gives the reader intellectual incentives to improve our earthly existence and, at the same time, helps to temper the reader’s enthusiasm to improve this world by its clear awareness of our fallen state. – Fr. Peter Samuel Kucer, MSA, author of Political Science from a Catholic Perspective


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