The Narrative Spirituality of Dante’s Divine Comedy: a hundred-day guided journal by Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP

Coming Lent 2018


Dante’s Divine Comedy teaches its readers, in a story-telling form, the ethics of Aristotle and the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. This book provides a guided journal for students encountering Dante for the first time or the hundredth time so that they, too, can read Dante as a spiritual journey at one canto, or short poem, a day for one hundred days.

About the Author:

Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP, is Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Holy Apostles College & Seminary in Cromwell, CT. He first studied the Divine Comedy under Dr. Simone Turbeville in the spring of 1991 at the University of Texas in Arlington and began teaching it as literature half a decade later at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth. It wasn’t until he began studying philosophy and theology at Holy Apostles College & Seminary in Cromwell, CT, that Dr. Mahfood began to see within the Comedy the care Dante took in a very Marian framework to map himself onto the works of Aristotle and St. Thomas among the other philosophers and poets he meets in Limbo and the theologians and Church doctors he meets in Paradise. Dr. Mahfood was prepared by Dante, who was himself a Lay Franciscan, to become a lay member of the Dominican order, which considers study to be an act of prayer.