Political Science from a Catholic Perspective by Fr. Peter Samuel Kucer, MSA

Political Science from a Catholic Perspective book cover

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Today, many specializations within the field of political science identify it particularly as a social science, and these are namely political theory, government and politics, comparative politics, international relations, political economy, public administration, and public policy. This text book, which has a special emphasis on US politics, introduces students to the study of politics as a social science according to these categories, integrating into its introduction a philosophical dimension resonant with our Catholic faith.

About the Author
Fr. Peter Samuel Kucer, MSA, is Academic Dean of Oncampus Learning and Assistant Professor of Theology at Holy Apostles College & Seminary in Cromwell, CT.


Fr. Kucer combines in a skillful way a thorough study of life and history that is a necessary part of the science, but avoids the danger, on the one side, of slipping into moral relativism, a feature of much secular political science, and, on the other side, of falling into the false absolutism of the various political ideologies that has been too often the sad experience of modern times. – Dr. Donald Boland, President, Centre for Catholic Studies, Inc., Sydney, Australia