The Table by Dcn. Dennis Lambert

Coming spring 2017


First century Christianity and present-day musical aspirations meet in the story of a miracle table built by the grandfather of Jesus Christ.  The table is placed in the hands of a Centurion named Cornelius following the death of the Messiah. Given the title of table bearer and a mission, Cornelius begins a history of bringing peace to those who encounter the table, a mission that will be sustained for over two thousand years.  In the later years of that mission, the table and its current bearer, an autistic young man named Anthony, encounter Michael Fortunato.  At the very moment of his breakthrough in the music industry, Michael loses the only thing that really mattered to him, his wife Debbie. The loss sends Michael into the center of darkness which he seemingly can’t escape.  That is until he meets Anthony, a table, and a story that is over two thousand years old.


  • “A fascinating Christian legend with a matching contemporary drama, The Table will capture your heart and inspire your soul.” – Ronda Chervin, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Catholic Writer.
  • “Deacon Dennis Lambert’s The Table deftly and delightfully interweaves ancient and modern tales that uplift, edify, and entertain. Grab a cup of coffee, pick it up from your table, and prepare to be enthralled.” – Kevin Vost, Psy.D., author of books including Memorize the Mass!

About the Author:

Dennis Lambert serves as a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix where he lives with his wife, Debbie, along with two of the goofiest, yet loveable, dogs in the world. He recently retired from a twenty-nine year career in the pharmaceutical industry in order to dedicate more time to writing and to serving the Church. In addition to his passion for writing, Dennis and his wife share a deep love of music and perform together in a popular Phoenix-based band.