Aunt Dee’s Attic Books – Testimonials

“These (Adventure) books are great for children. They are fun and educational but not too long and laborious for them.  It’s wonderful the way you bring together snippets of the Catholic faith with the mysteries.  They’re good books to read out loud to the children too.” -Susan (a homeschooler)

“My son didn’t want to read. I gave him Lost in Peter’s Tomb and at first he just ignored it.  Later I saw him looking at the pictures and then, miracle, he began reading it. The best part is that he could not wait for me to get the next two books in your series. Now he has devoured them both. Please get Secrets of Siena published as soon as possible!” – Tess, mother of 7 and a home schooler.

“I saw your book at the Guardian Bookstore in Little Rock, and as kids say these days, it “rocked me.” I bought a copy for our parish library. You packed a lot of the Faith and practice into a lot of love in a very small space. I misted up all the way through. I hope to find a way to bring this book actively to the attention of the kids at our parish. God bless.” -Regina

“THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! My son is a third grader and came home from school with a book that I did not find morally appropriate so I set out in search of an adventure book that would be interesting, and inspiring, I just picked up “Lost in Peter’s Tomb” yesterday, and Joseph already finished it! Not only that but he said, “Someday I want to meet the Pope.” Needless to say, I will be going back to the bookstore to get number 2 in your series. Thank you for this much needed ministry!!” -Kim

“I must tell you I have read both books [“Lost in St. Peter’s Tomb” and “Break-In at the Basilica”] to my second grade class and they are eager to hear about Riley, Delaney, and Sister Philomena… I love all of the information about the Pope and St. Francis that you tied into your writings. They are so intrigued!!” -Miss Christy, Second Grade Teacher, Elementary Academic Team Coach, Seton Catholic School

“I read [the Adventures with Sister Philomena books] before we visited Assisi…they were great! I loved the little insights of things to look for! I was glad to know the actual crucifix of San Damiano was at the Church of St. Clare. There were lots of other little things I noticed in your books too (like the alps poking through the clouds). The little Italian phrases sprinkled in kept coming to mind when I realized I didn’t know a speck of Italian and relied totally on my son for translations. Your books were a great easy read with highlights I might have missed.” – Mary Ann

“I am writing to tell you how much my children enjoyed “Lost in Peter’s Tomb” and “Break-In at the Basilica”. They can hardly wait for more. Your books have given them a whole new way to think about the Church. My seven year old wants to go to Rome to have pizza with the Pope and sees the Vatican as “her” church. Thank you for publishing books that speak to the mind of a child and help them to experience the wonder that exists in the past and present of the Catholic Church.” -Andrea

“I bought one yesterday,”Lost in Peter’s Tomb”, and started reading it with my 9-year-old. It is truly fabulous.” -Beth

“I heard Dianne interviewed on Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo and I purchased both the Baptism and First Communion books… I want to use this opportunity to thank you for these beautiful books! The First Communion book especially is a wonderful teaching book for Catholics of all ages. I originally bought it for my seven year old; however, my eleven year old son read through it and said, “Hey, this is pretty good Mom. Everything’s in here!” I suppose that critique from an eleven year old is probably even better than anything I could say!  This month the magazine Catholic Parent had an article called “How can I keep my Kids Catholic?” I am going to write to the editor of the magazine and include your First Communion book so that she can see what a wonderful resource it is. Thank you for your efforts to continue with the other books in the series!!! I am especially interested in the book on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. As a seventh grade catechist, I have talked with many students (and adults) who simply don’t understand this wonderful sacrament…”  -Janna

“I will admit the First Communion brought tears to my eyes.” – Denise, Vanessa’s Signature Gift Designs

“My daughter, Colleen, ordered your beautiful book online. Our whole family just loved it and I would like to order two additional copies, if possible.” -Kathy

“My daughter made her First Reconciliation this spring and this book was really nice to help her understand the process… she really enjoyed reading the story – I think she could relate to the characters. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to show the kids this sacrament is just as important as receiving First Communion. I’m the DRE in my parish, and also happen to be preparing my son for First Reconciliation this year. This book has been wonderful to read and discuss with my son. It gives a very serious, yet positive approach to the sacrament so many people struggle to understand and appreciate. I just bought and read (immediately) ‘Lost’; it was awesome! My son in the 4th grade started reading it this morning. when will “Break-In” be available for purchase? Thanks for writing this, it was full of information that I didn’t know, I have never been to Rome and reading and seeing the wonderful illustrations makes me wish I could go even more! I can’t wait for my son to read it! Please let me know, I can’t wait to read it.” -Jackie

“Please put us on the list when the 2nd book is available. My son read it Sunday night, he is 9 years old. He read the whole book and loved it! In fact, after he was done he went on his own and got his Bible out and read all the verses you mentioned… He stayed up way too late, but how could I tell him to stop reading it??? I am around children’s books all day long (I am a field Rep for Scholastic Book Fairs) and it is so hard to find such great informational and fun reading to support our Catholic faith. Thank you for writing it, I just wish you had a lot more! I will spread the news to all my friends about this awesome new series for kids. (Adults too, because I simply loved it!) Not only are you hitting the right market, I believe you are creating it. There really aren’t a lot of Catholic chapter books that have this degree of superior illustration and information.” -Jackie

“Just loved ‘Lost in Peter’s Tomb’. It caught the essence of the Vatican. I could not put it down once I started reading it. The text and pictures were great. The book was not only fun, but also very informative about the Vatican. Adults as well as children could get a lot of information from your book. I know you have been to the Vatican many times and we have been several times. It took us a lot of reading and visits to know the ins and outs that are contained in your book. You have made it easy. Bravo! You have become a wonderful author and promoter of the Catholic faith. Also, congrats on the imprimatur status.” -Kathy and Joe

“I just finished reading ‘Lost in Peter’s Tomb’… Thank you for publishing this wonderful book! The Charlotte Catholic Women’s Group has chosen the book for our summer children’s book club selection. The text is lively and informative, the illustrations are beautiful, and the format appealing to children for a fun read. The inclusion of the Italian glossary is helpful. This book will teach and inspire many to learn more of the Vatican treasures and Church history. I look forward to reading more books in the series.” -Margaret, Children’s Book Club Coordinator, Charlotte Catholic Women’s Group

“Thank you for your beautiful books. The new First Communion book looks like a ‘sellout’. What an inspirational book for the children and their families. We are proud to carry your works. Continued blessings!” -Susan, Mary’s Garden Queen of Peace

“I like this Baptism book a lot. What else do you have?” -Julia, Madonna Gift Shop

“We can’t keep them in stock!” -Mary Beth, Reger’s Religious Articles

“What a lovely [Baptism] book.” -Grace, Angel’s Prayer Shop

“We just put [First Communion] out and it’s sold already.” -Mary, St. Mary’s Books & Gifts

“We liked [Baptism]. We had a few priests and nuns check it out and they liked it too.” -Gretta, Brother John’s Catholic Books and Gifts.

“Can’t keep [Baptism and First Communion] in the store.” -Connie, Our Lady of Grace Bookstore

“That First Communion book sold so well. We’ll order more next year.” -Mary, The Catholic Shop.

“The Archbishop’s niece just bought three of your books. I guess that says something.” -Dennis, Catholic Bookstore

“Everybody just loves the new First Communion book.” -Julia, Madonna Gift Shop

“We can’t seem to keep [Baptism] in stock.” -Barbara, Open Window Book & Gift Shop.

“Can’t keep the Baptism book [in stock].” -Sister Joshua, Pauline Books & Media

“We just love that [Baptism] book.” -Ann, Cornerstone Catholic Books & Gifts

“I just love all your books. They represent Catholic teaching. Sometimes I think the DREs don’t want to teach Tradition.” -Ruth, St. Francis Catholic Book & Gift Shop.

“The people here just love these books. We are putting them in our ad in the newsletter.” -Teresa, Shrine Bookstore

“That Baptism book is awesome.” -Rose, Pauline Books & Media

“I saw your books at [another store] and I just have to have them here.” -Jane, Holy Spirit Catholic Books & Gifts

“I was at [another store] recently when I saw your products. I’d be happy to carry them in my store.” -Gina, Salve Regina Catholic Books & Gifts

“This Engaged book is just what couples need.” -Mary Frances, The Catholic Store

“I absolutely love the First Communion book. It’s a nostalgia trip; will definitely order [more] in the fall. Please, just send First Reconciliation book when it arrives!” -Diane, Journey of Faith

“The Archbishop was just in our store browsing. We couldn’t believe it. I just wanted to let you know that he was very impressed with your books.” -Wayne, St. Maximilian Kolbe Bookstore

“We just love the First Communion book. Too bad the season is about over.” -Grace, Angel’s Prayer Shop

“We definitely will order more [First Communion] next year.” -Cindy, Logos Bookstore

“The First Communion book did very well. We sold out!” -Ann, Cornerstone Catholic Books & Gifts