Entering Mission Territory Front Door Sign

A 12″ x 12″ dibond aluminum metal sign with Velcro straps on the back for door mounting and a strap at the top for door hanging.

$29.99 plus $4.99 shipping (international rates may apply).

Whenever we leave our houses and enter the world, we’re entering mission territory. We are entering, in short, a secular culture that is highly materialistic and highly egotistic. And what are we going to encounter when we get there, which is just a step outside our front door?

We’re going to encounter people who live by their appetites, who lust, excessively consume, greedily waste and horde money, and anger easily. We’re going to encounter unbelievers, and we’re going to encounter believers who do not practice their faith. We will encounter these and many more, and we are going to find that our efforts to live a faith-based life may falter in the wake of them.

How do we remind ourselves to be prepared for the world and the persons we’ll encounter within it? With our new dibond aluminum metal door sign, of course, reminding us that when we step out our front door, we’re entering mission territory.

What’s it Made of?

Dibond Aluminum Metal with holes at top with black hanging rope and velcro option on top and bottom; rounded corners with white back color and calendered vinyl overlay.

Width: 12.00″ – Height: 12.00″ – Depth: 3mm


Inspired by the “Entering Mission Territory” sign at the bottom of the driveway at Holy Apostles College & Seminary in Cromwell, CT. We all need this kind of reminder whenever we leave our sanctuary!


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