Does God Exist? A Socratic Dialogue on the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas

If you want an easy and fun way to understand St. Thomas Aquinas’s five arguments for the existence of God, this book is for you. Written as dialogue between Lucy and AJ in a coffee shop, these arguments are presented by Fradd and Delfino in every day language, with helpful examples and analogies, and by raising and answering objections along the way. Additional resources at the end of the book will deepen your understanding of the material, help you to grow in wisdom, and strengthen your faith.

A Brief Historical Survey of Marian Devotion and Theology

This book surveys the historical development of Marian belief and devotion by the Holy Spirit through the Church. How Mary was prepared and foreshadowed in the Old Testament is followed by her presence on earth as revealed in the New Testament. Then, the development of Marian doctrines and devotional practices is systematically presented. We begin by studying the early development of Marian theology in the Patristic age, which was followed by the Medieval flowering of Marian theology…


“Chervin takes us on a spiritual adventure of a soul both ordinary and unique, as she struggles to emerge from the fantasies of worldly egoism into the authentic light of day. The spiritual life, Chervin reminds us, is not a magical mystery tour of religious novelties, but a taste of God’s enduring love and perfect peace. Delightful and endearing!”

— Dr. Heather M. Erb, author of The Path of Spiritual Happiness