En Route Books and Media is proud to support LIFE Runners in its global ministry! Every book you buy helps fund the growth of an organization that connects parents around the world in crisis with centers that provide direct material assistance for their children. This kind of support addresses issues that may otherwise lead young mothers into abortion clinics or cause young fathers to abandon the mothers and their children. Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP, is a LIFE Runner! You can join LIFE Runners yourself!

The LIFE Runners mission is to raise prayer, awareness and funds for Pro-Life.  LIFE Runners puts our Pro-Life faith in action which certainly supports pregnancy help centers and their services.  As our Creed states, we “run as a prayer” for mothers and fathers tempted to abort their child and for post-abortion healing (prayer changes things).


Many abortions are repeat abortions, and we need to break that chain with prayer and support.  LIFE Runners raises awareness with our “REMEMBER The Unborn – Jer 1:5” jersey message, which helps move the attention from self to others – leading parents to choose pregnancy help centers over abortion facility.  We raise funds to build our Team that promotes life-saving action.


LIFE Runners speak up with prayer, jersey, and reaching out to bring folks to pregnancy help centers.  Bottom line, funds will help grow the LIFE Runners Team that fuels pregnancy help centers, including their post-birth services.  LIFE Runners is not associated with students for life – just thought their article gave a good explanation of the pregnancy help center services.  LIFE Runners is fully aligned with the Catholic Church.


LIFE Runners encourages parents in crisis who choose to keep their children to go to support centers that already exist and donations made to LIFE Runners support the growth of a group that provides encouragement for those centers to be used. More LIFE Runners means more prayer, awareness, funds, and support for pregnancy help centers.  Individual LIFE Runners donate to pregnancy help centers with funds and volunteer hours.
The biggest problem for a center is that people don’t know they exist.   LIFE Runners know where the centers are located and are bold enough to speak up.  82% of post-abortion mothers said that if just one person had spoken up, they would have chose life.
Bishop Paprocki is a LIFE Runner, along with many priests and bishops, as well as Cardinal Dolan.  Pope Francis even has a LIFE Runners REMEMBER The Unborn – Jer 1:5 jersey.
By supporting growth of an apostolate with teammates who will know where the centers are located, bring those parents to centers, and donate time/funds to those centers.  Only 3% of Pro-Life people know that a local center exists or where it is.  Can’t get parents to help if you don’t know the help exists or where it is located.  Here is a website with the location of most of the 2,200 centers in America:
Thanks again for considering the powerful, personal, unique contribution that LIFE Runners provides with our REMEMBER The Unborn – Jer 1:5 jersey that penetrates the culture is a way that technology can’t.  LIFE Runners evangelize by personally reaching our culture with the Gospel of Life.