Nonsense to Horse-Sense by Dave Basconi


This book has been in the works for a decade; I just didn’t know it. Events happened that, when looked back upon, were minor and drew no special attention, but each had a major impact on its creation. We live life that way – at least most of us – never knowing how the simple leads to the significant. This book is just that: simple observations reflected upon and a serious look at how we live versus how we should live. This book drew its truth from horses and that allowed our nonsense no place to hide. I hope my horses help you as they have helped me in seeing a better way.


Here is an excellent book to give to family members and friends who are not Catholic or even religious as a bridge in its way of presenting the truth of natural law ethics. – Dr. Ronda Chervin, author of The Way of Love: The Path of Inner Transformation

About the Author: 

Dave grew up in rural, coal-mining West Virginia with his two brothers; all worked in their parent’s hardware store. His passion for horses was discovered at an early age when making deliveries with his father to local farms.

Upon graduation with an engineering degree, he headed off to Connecticut, was soon married and raised two sons. The dream to bring horses into his life came when he and his wife moved to a new location.

That decision brought a host of new adventures; along with all of its challenges and rewards. A good decision with lots of work and no regrets. The chance to write about it came from the fortunate encounter with some very interesting and accomplished people in the world of books and media.

Dave still lives in Connecticut with his wife, three cats and four horses.