The Moral Psychology of St. Thomas Aquinas: An Introduction to Ragamuffin Ethics by Dr. Peter Redpath

This book, which is over 800 pages, will be available by May 2017.

Paperback: $43.95

Hardback $64.95

Kindle $9.99


Through a radical reinterpretation of classical philosophy as an organizational psychology, The Moral Psychology of St. Thomas: An Introduction to Ragamuffin Ethics just as radically reinterprets St. Thomas Aquinas’s moral teaching to be a behavioristic psychology chiefly designed to synthesize right reason and right pleasure to help a person excel at living life as a whole. In the process of so doing, this work demonstrates how the skill of prudential living is a necessary condition for becoming a grand master of leadership in any and every profession.


Brilliant, as usual!” – John N. Deely, author of Medieval Philosophy Redefined

“If you’re a leader, you need to read this book. In Ragamuffin Ethics, Dr. Redpath provides a powerfully effective psychology for energizing organizations to become their best. His teachings have fundamentally changed my life, and how I coach our clients at top organizations throughout the country.” – Peter C. DeMarco, Executive Coach, CEO of Priority Thinking, and author of the forthcoming book, The Good Will Leader

“This is the only work in modern times that can be said to bring together three seemingly incompatible words: practical, science, and moral.” – Eduardo Bernot, Aquinas Leadership International

“The modern person needs to make decisions, however she or he has received a limited and fragmented knowledge to do that. Dr. Redpath provides an integrated view of modern science, relying on the wider view of philosophy, inviting other sciences, that way providing an integrated and consistent view of personal psychological as well as organizational dimensions. This work clarifies every topic with a fresh view of Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas wisdom, enlightening with a profound analysis, and critical thinking, the roads to making ethical decisions. Redpath’s work is an extraordinary contribution to modern moral psychology, presenting the strengths and limitations of modern philosophy, by highlighting the power of Christian Metaphysics in building personal and organizational leadership, ethics, values, virtues, discernment.” – Dr. Juan Pablo Stegmann