Mary, the Beloved by Keith Berube


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Book Description: 

The Magisterium of the Catholic Church teaches that Mary, the Mother of God, is a grace-filled, flesh and blood woman, who unsurpassingly loves each of us by name. Mary, the Beloved, affirms that teaching, providing a theological and philosophical portraiture of our Heavenly Mother that plunges both heart and intellect deeply into her mystery. It’s not simply to teach doctrine that this book was written, but to introduce the reader to a real Lady who will fill their hearts.

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Mary, the Beloved by Keith Berube is a fresh look at our heavenly mother. How many Catholics do you meet who say they want to get closer to Mary but don’t know how? Often this is because what is given them to read has old-fashioned language that becomes a barrier to understanding. Or, they think too much of Mary as a plaster statue, stately and lovely but distant, and certainly not a mother who loves them in an individual way as most other mothers love their children. By contrast, Berube’s book is contemporary, but reliant on Scripture and tradition. He brings to bear on the subject of Mary not only Christian psychology, philosophy and theology but also a personal, charming literary style!  It is full of surprises!”  – Dr. Ronda Chervin, Professor Emerita of Philosophy, Holy Apostles College & Seminary, and author of Weeping with Jesus: The Journey from Grief to Hope

“Keith Berube has composed a remarkable, exegetical, philosophical and theological meditation on the meaning of Mary. His Mary, the Beloved lovingly traces Mary’s presence through the Old and New Testaments, dogma, doctrine and apparitions within a deep contextual appreciation of the nature of femininity and motherhood. This work takes the highest mystical and poetical exaltations of Our Lady and is able to transfer, without reduction, their crystalline wisdom into a rigorous reflection. What is never lost in this devotional exegesis is what Peguy knew to be true: that the only asylum is the hollow of Her hand as the garden where the soul finally opens up. And it is within this hollow that Berube elevates the mystery of the whispering of a secret between God and Mary so intimate, so historical, utterly loving, free and necessary to our salvation. Highly Recommended. – Caitlin Smith Gilson, PhD Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Holy Cross, New Orleans”

About the Author:

Mr. Berube holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is currently studying toward a doctorate in Dogmatic Theology with a concentration in Mariology. He and his wife Pamela reside somewhere in the United States with their five home-schooled children, a menagerie of pets, and coffee.